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I've come to the conclusion that Murderna and Schizer won't survive as companies. These are criminal organizations that are being unmasked globally. Once the victims of the scamdemic realize that they were deceived, class action lawsuits are going to bankrupt them.

 1965-1990: Coronavirus Vaccine Patented in 1990 by Pfizer that has never Worked – Dave Martin (10 minutes)


 1981 Depopulation Agenda: Jacques Attalli - BilderBerger


 2009 – WHO Eugenics Speech by Kissinger. How to thin the herd while making money!!!


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Thanks P&S. Great post as always.

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Is the below report fake news or is Sunak waking up?

"British Gov’t Launch ‘Urgent Enquiry’ Into ‘Millions of Excess Deaths’ Following Jab Rollout":


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The inflation in the US is just transitory. (Sarcasm) Do we trust the inflation numbers out of Russia and China, and what is their formula for calculating it? Like ours, I know there has to be some monkey fucking with the numbers. How much would remain the question.

I read that both China and Russia are helping the beleaguered dictator in Venezuela, perhaps not so much with the inflation problem.

Sorry for the slow response, the garden and baby sitting is using up much of my time and energy.

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