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Thanks for that info on Xavier Becerra. Yes, I thought Biden was supposed to be in charge, as well, over there. The globalists seem to be exploring every tool/"crisis" to move towards the great reset. What will the ~116 billionaires think up for us this week, at Davos and how long will it take for those in the Westminster bubble to comply?

As for Yemen, so sad, but, as with the continuing slaughters by the Myanmar Army, in the north of the country, the MSM has moved on - "Nothing to see here"!

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Boom may be right about peak inflation, but I see China will drive fuel back up. That will likely introduce more inflation. I see the Fed trying to get to 5% and allowing that to hold

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US Homeless Emergency Renewed?

For those who don't know what US cities look like, below is a snapshot of Seattle, WA. I prefer not to show San Francisco or Oakland California - please don't search for it!!


When Trump declared his scamdemic in early 2020, I just laughed because I knew it was fake even before they started their psyop campaigns.

Those who didn't know that there was a scamdemic in the US were the homeless people because they have no TV and those who don't know that there is Covid-19 testing are the homeless people!!!

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