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..."I can confirm that the UK is donating Storm Shadow (aka SCALP) missiles to Ukraine," ...

Bring them on! A Mach 0.81 missile is a junk that can only be appreciated by Nazilensky.

BTW: They're being destroyed in warehouses before the Polish Mig-29 can be loaded!

I've read reports that the UK had ~700 Storm Shadow and sent 200 of them to Naziland.

The 500K in stock corroborate those reports. It also turns out that the majority of those missiles were in the warehouses that Russia destroyed in Western Naziland. So, expect wallace to send another batch of 200 storms. The real problem with the UK is that when the stock level falls to 0 in the next 3 months, Sunak is done! Russia can now attack the UK and he won't be able to fight back.

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Nazilensky is in Japan while Key Donbass city is captured.

“Today at noon, Bakhmut was fully captured,” Prigozhin said in a video address published on Saturday.

 4.5 Billion people Genetically Transformed Forever – Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi (1.5 minutes)


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China had it made when they didn't rely on money.

I had typed out a scathing rebuttal to your post but deleted it. Best for me to just move along.

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Thanks for this update Peter. Apprciated.

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